Sunday, July 8, 2012

On the Move

Sunshine over the Pacific

The rain pattered on the roof of our little cabin in the jungle when I woke up this morning.  We slowly got ourselves organized and swapped photos on our laptops.  The rain had stopped when we left our room, so I took my camera and went to the beach to run and explore.  It was serene and peaceful on the shore and trail to scenic overlooks, until I started smashing some coconuts I found with rocks.  After my own little adventure I met Cayla at the Beach House, and we ate breakfast before checking out and leaving our beloved Cape Tribulation.  Both of us are already planning our return trip.
Jungle of Cape Tribulation

A taste of heaven
On the drive back to Cairns, we stopped at a fruit stand to buy our new favorite soursop, but everything was sold out.  It’s a busy time in Cape Trib because the schools are on holiday.  We did however taste the most delicious ice cream at Floravilla, a highly recommended destination.  The ice cream is all natural and there is an array of exotic flavors based on the fruits that are in season.  Cayla and I sat on long wooden benches under a canopy of palms and shared mango coconut and gogi berry with rainforest honey yoghurt ice cream.  It was pure bliss for the whole 2 minutes it took us to finish it.  We reminded ourselves a few times that it is perfectly acceptable to eat ice cream at 10:30 in the morning.  After this last pit stop, we drove another 2 hours to Cairns.  The drive was beautiful, from the cliffs overlooking the ocean the endless cane fields.  

Once in Cairns, we checked into the room, returned the rental car, and explored the piers and Esplanade.  We walked by the docks and enjoyed a few songs at the ukelele festival on the lawn.  Hundreds of people were gathered, strumming on their ukes or just lounging and listening to the music.  Later on, we returned for dinner, and ended up at Outback Jack’s for a satisfying meal.  Exhausted from driving and waking up early, we walked back to our hotel and packed our backpacks for a day of scuba diving tomorrow! 

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