Friday, July 13, 2012


Although it was Friday the 13th, it was a successful first day on the slopes (more like really big hills) of Thredbo, Australia.  Rick was a calm and patient ski instructor as I got the hang of it.  After three runs on the beginner hills, I was deemed worthy of bigger things.  We met Rachel and Nicole up the mountain and skied a couple of runs in the rain.  The conditions were far from stellar, but I had so much fun anyway.  We ate lunch at a warm and inviting eatery on the mountain.  Our gloves and hats dried out a little bit before we braved the weather again.  After a few more rides down the mountain and back up the chairlift, we were soaked and ready for hot showers.  Rick and I trudged back to the lodge and Rachel and Nicole arrived soon after.  We all dried off, and I indulged in endless cups of tea to warm up.
Hitting the slopes

I relaxed with the girls, watched Chicago, and helped get dinner together.  Some more of the Vosila’s family friends arrived and we spent hours snacking, eating dinner, and enjoying each others company.  I was asked about the Simpsons, college, yellow school buses, and various other American novelties that intrigued my new Australian friends.  I’m so happy to be here spending time with such a great group of people.  We have been joking that so far on my “service trip” I have been on the receiving end of the service.  I promise I will be making up for it on beginning on Thursday, and I really can’t wait for the day to arrive.  
Dinner with my adopted family and friends!
There is a lot of speculation about the weather forecast for the next two days, and I find it all very amusing.  It reminds me of home and the endless discussion about whether or not the waves will be good.  I think we’ll just have to find out when we wake up in the morning.  

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