Thursday, July 12, 2012

Road Tripping

Sr. Rose Mary met with Cayla and me today to discuss more details about the Solomons.  We went over our travel information and looked through slide shows of photos from events in Auki.  A week from today we will finally be there!
Cayla, Sr. Rose Mary, and I at Santa Sabina College

After lunch, Rachel, her friend Nicole, and I set off for a road trip to Thredbo or “the snow.”  We’ll be doing some Australian skiing for the weekend with the Vosila’s and some of their family friends.  We made a few pit stops for snacks and bathroom breaks, but about 6 hours later we arrived.  When it got dark, my head was out the window looking at the sky for most of the drive through rural Australia.  The stars are absolutely incredible here without the city lights.  I have never seen anything like it.
The lodge is cozy and I’m looking forward to the next few days.  We ate another delicious dinner, and sat around the table for a few hours, chatting and making friends with other visitors in the lodge.  

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