Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012
Today I joined Sr. Matilda for her Wednesday visit to Kindy, which is right next to the cathedral.  We walked there, dropping Chrisma off at her school on the way.  The kindy teacher was an hour late, so the kids were wreaking havoc by the time she arrived.  The next few hours were spent singing songs, making necklaces, and playing.  The beads for the necklaces were shells and colored straws that were cut into pieces.  I couldn’t communicate with the children with words because they can’t speak English at that age, so smiles and waves had to suffice.  They were all adorable in their green uniforms.
After Kindy, we prepared lunch and relaxed for a little while.  Sr. Loretta came home from Aligegeo with a job for me.  Several students are entering an essay contest and a speech contest.  For each category, students have to compose a paper about a particular topic.  I went to the Telecom to get information for their research on the internet.  I’ll give it to them in school tomorrow so they can start working on their assignments.  I will be working with each of the students to help prepare them for the ceremony where they will deliver their speeches to an audience.  It should be quite the challenge since most students I’ve taught so far are afraid to even raise their hand.  
Back at home, I played soccer on the lawn with some younger children and actually a few of my students.  I think thats allowed... We had our usual routine of evening prayer and dinner.  The four of us had a lot of laughs at the table.  I just had a little scare going out into the dark to take my laundry off the clothes line.  I stepped on a frog, screamed because I was so startled, and Sr. Loretta ran out with a broom.  

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