Monday, August 6, 2012

Friday, August 3, 2012

I surprisingly enjoyed a good night sleep behind the safety of my mosquito net and a little help from Benedryl.  We had a minor rat scare, which was major and traumatizing for me since I think I have a phobia of rats and mice.  Sr. Loretta, Cayla, and I were sitting in the living room before bed and we heard something jump and make a huge noise in the kitchen.  Sr. Loretta thought it was so funny and instructed me to pray to St. Martin de Porres to keep me safe from the rats.  Lets hope that works again tonight.

We ate papa (papayas), toast, and tea for breakfast following morning mass.  At school, I edited the essays four students wrote for the contest.  They will each receive $200 just for submitting an entry.  I’m starting to think I should have handed one in too.  I taught 3rd and 4th period.  We’re still learning about root words, and I know Mr. Bonagura would be very excited to hear that I made several Latin references.  After class, I typed and printed the contestants papers because they had to be submitted to an office in town by 4:00.  The students had a half day because the afternoon was devoted to a faculty meeting.  It started an hour late and lasted forever.  At 2:00, we got a lunch break and they provided coconuts and fish and chips.  I’m still getting used to the fact that its acceptable to bite off the top of the coconut and peel it with your teeth.  The meeting continued after we ate, and Sr. Loretta told me I could leave early.  Very thankful, I snuck out at 3:30.  Sr. didn’t get home until 6:30, so I’m very happy I was allowed to leave.

There was big news at school today.  Last night around midnight, four form 6 boys slaughtered the school big and cooked it.  They feasted on their kill and gave some of the pig to other students.  I wasn’t sure how to react when they told me this.  The teachers were upset and couldn’t believe the boys were so naughty.  I realize that it was very wrong, but was holding back laughter because it is such a foreign concept to me.  No schools around my home have a pig, and there is no way anyone would know how to slaughter and cook one.  It’s a completely different world here.  Everyone involved confessed and received punishment.  The boys who killed the pig have to pay $100 each and will be suspended for two weeks.  The students who ate the pig will pay $50.  The pig was supposed to be for the graduation celebration.  I almost don’t blame them for the infraction because they have rice for almost every meal, every day.  They rarely have fish or vegetables which is terrible for their health.  Dining services were discussed at the meeting today, and more money will be allocated for fresh produce.  

I fell asleep after I escaped from the meeting and thoroughly enjoyed the rest.  I woke up to the bell for evening prayer.  Sr. Matilda continues to cook delicious foods I have never tried before.  Tonight, we had a potato dish with coconut sauce.  I’m not sure if it’s possible to recreate these foods at home, but I will do my best.  After dinner, we baked a cake for Richard’s birthday celebration tomorrow.  Sr. Loretta just eye balled everything, so the cake is a concoction of self raising flour, eggs, powder milk, sugar, and butter.  No fancy ingredients.  Apparently Bishop Chris is the icing master, so he’ll work his magic tomorrow.  

The full moon tonight is breathtaking.  When the moon is bright, people here stay up late because there is light.  They talk and tell stories, and make the day last longer.

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