Friday, August 10, 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It was a busy day for everyone at Fanualama.  After simultaneously dancing and cleaning the breakfast dishes, I went to school with Sr. Loretta.  Donald, Sam, Chaniella, Angela, Angela, and Christina all rehearsed their speeches.  They are speaking about poverty, global partnership, and female empowerment.  We practiced in the dining hall, where the competition will be held tomorrow.  I took videos of them on my computer, so they could watch their performances.  They all were entertained and embarrassed watching the movies of themselves.  It took us several hours to practice, and we were all wiped out by the time we finished.  I spent the rest of the school day retyping their speeches and expanding on their ideas.  

Around 2:30, I wandered back home.  Aligegeo students are the designated choir for Sunday’s liturgy, and practice was held at Fanualama.  I went with Sr. Loretta while they rehearsed.  Their tone and the style of music is awesome.  I love listening to their voices.  Cayla had a long day at the hospital, full of operations and great experience.  Bishop Chris got back from Honiara in the afternoon.  He’ll be home for two days before venturing off again.  It’s nice to have him back!

After dinner, Sr. Loretta, Cayla, and I went to Aligegeo to meet with the students presenting tomorrow.  They delivered their speeches in the library, and then we went to the dining hall to check out the decorations.  Students, teachers, and members of the committee for the event were buzzing around, fastening palm leaves to the walls and arranging flowers.  Christina, who has become our good friend in the past two weeks, gave Cayla and I gifts.  She bought us each a beautiful bracelet and bright lavalava.  Christina included a heartfelt note.  I will be very sad to leave her in just a few days.  

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