Monday, August 20, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

After early morning mass and breakfast, Sr. Rosa, Cayla, and I went to visit our first friends in Solomon Islands - Sr. Catie and Sr. Stephanie in Tenaru.  We bumped along the familiar road and saw Sr. Catie waving out the door of the clinic.  We all congregated in the house, and Sr. Catie immediately scolded us for losing weight.  It was 10:30 a.m. and she made a full lunch for us.  Cabbage, rice, meat, potatoes, and cucumber.  I think we gained back anything we may have lost during that meal.  Our friend Jennifer stopped by the house for a quick visit before we returned to Rosiena.

When the sisters finished their English class, they took us to Central Market and a few stores to get last minute gifts.  Cayla and I got everything we needed and treated the group to ice cream.  It tasted delicious in the tropical heat of the city.  Yet again, we recruited another sister for exercise.  I showered then heard the voice of an angel.  Sr. Vero came to Honiara to visit us!  Cayla and I were so happy and excited to see her.  She filled us in on life in Visale.  The library is in use and looking good!  Students have been studying and taking books out.  It’s a great feeling to know that the work we did in the school is appreciated and being utilized.  

We joined the other sisters who live in Panatina house to celebrate Sr. Matrina’s feast day.  It was a feast, and the company for our last evening in Solomon Islands was wonderful.  Singing and dancing their way into the room, the sisters presented us with hats and Sr. Matrina with a gift.  Cayla and I spent a while speaking with Laurel, the English teacher from New Zealand.  It was late before we walked home again.  It’s hard to believe tonight is our last night in Solomon Islands.  The four weeks flew by!

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